Principles of Sustainability

  • To ensure that all kinds of wastes generated from the activities carried out in our hotel are sorted at their source, collected, temporarily stored, recovered, transported, and controlled after disposal.

  • To minimize the damage to the environment during the use of natural resources. Constantly growing and developing with our management systems and goals , establishing sustainable performance criteria

  • To fulfill all legal regulations related to the environment by making all kinds of monitoring, measurement, analysis, and control to minimize the environmental effects resulting from our activities and to prevent environmental pollution.

  • To shape our policies by considering the wishes and works of non-governmental organizations, institutions, and organizations, as well as the region’s people.

  • To implement a continuous training program to create environmental awareness for our employees The “Sustainability Team” established for sustainability carries out the necessary studies for continuous improvements, reports the relevant studies to the team leader, and the team leader makes presentations about the studies to be done to the senior management.


Vision, Mission & Values


    Leading, innovative and corporate brand in its sector, which aims at continuous improvement and progress, sensitive to the environment, with a sense of social responsibility, while prioritizing guest satisfaction with its friendly and quality service understanding.


    The mission is to contribute to developing the country’s tourism while ensuring guest satisfaction by providing quality services with a universal understanding.


    Integrity: For us, honesty means never compromising respectability in policies implemented inside and outside the company.

    Entrepreneurship: Evaluating yesterday and today, making plans for tomorrow, leading innovations and innovations.

    Education: It is not to be behind the times by following all kinds of developments.

    Openness to Change: Aiming to be at the forefront of following and applying scientific developments.

    Transparency: Transparency provides the trust needed by the employees and the organizations they cooperate with by prioritizing the contribution to social values in practices.

    Respect for Individuals: Treating each individual equally without discrimination.


Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food and Enviromental Safety Policy

We believe that we can demonstrate our quality in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry with the importance we attach to guest satisfaction. We regularly monitor the satisfaction of our guests, and we perform our service effectively following the requirements of the Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food, and Environmental Safety Management System in line with guest requests and suggestions.

We pay attention to the safety and health of our employees and guests in every service carried out in our facility; In order to ensure that this understanding is practical, we adopt as a principle to work in line with the goals we have created regarding Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food, and Environmental Safety. We are committed to providing safe foods by fulfilling the legal regulations and guest conditions required for the safety of our guests and staff, from the purchase to the presentation of each food served in our facility. We comply with the

Environmental Legislation and guest requirements to protect nature in our facility and prevent the effects we have on the environment during our activities. We are committed to separating and contributing to the disposal of all waste generated during our activities per the legal regulations and keeping unnecessary water, electricity, energy, and chemical consumption under control. Suppliers are selected and evaluated in the purchasing process by considering environmental factors. We know that our personnel has a vital role in fulfilling these policies, and we attach importance to their training and development. With the awareness that an educated, knowledgeable, self-confident, respectful, and permanent human resource will play an essential role in our guests’ preferences, we adopt as a principle to review and develop our guests and management systems.

We provide control of recovery, disposal, and post-disposal processes. In order to ensure the use of the right amount of chemicals in the right place, we periodically organize our personnel training and provide the necessary equipment and storage conditions. We follow and implement technological developments to ensure the correct use of natural resources. We regularly monitor our water, electricity, and chemical consumption and implement corrective actions in case of deviations. It informs our guests about all the sustainable environmental studies we carry out as a hotel.

We ask for your encouragement by encouraging and inviting our social and community work. We receive their feedback to improve our questions under the environmental heading in the guest satisfaction surveys. We aim to support sustainable tourism with our work and help increase the quality and protect the resources needed by the business world by making a difference as much as possible.


Employee & Human Rights Policy

Based on the understanding that all people are equal and accessible in terms of rights and dignity, World Class Airport Hotel considers creating and maintaining a fair working environment that complies with national and international legislation and regulations as one of its most important priorities.

In our relations with our employees, guests, suppliers, local community, and all other business partners, we are aware of our responsibility to act following and protect human rights and to encourage them to be sensitive in this regard. Everyone working at World Class Airport Hotel benefits equally from all legally recognized rights and freedoms.

Any discrimination or harassment, including discrimination based on gender, language, race, religion, belief, sect, philosophical and political opinion, ethnic origin, wealth, birth, marital status, health status, disability, and age, is not tolerated.

All our employees are included in the orientation training program, and our facility, rules, possibilities, opportunities, and expectations are explained.

A suggestion request form has been created to ensure the participation of our employees. In this way, all employees submit their suggestions and requests for the improvement of the system in writing to the Senior Management. The senior management constantly reviews employee needs by organizing meetings when necessary. Ensuring the safety of our employees, guests, and suppliers constitutes the primary purpose of our Occupational Health and Safety studies.

Our Principles are:

We are operating following the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Prefer regional and local suppliers and partners.

We are training our employees regularly on labor standards and human rights issues.

We are not employing child labor.

We are provided the opportunity to work under equal and standard conditions.

We are maintaining a remuneration policy that meets prohibitive regulations and standards. We have a fair and transparent recruitment policy based on diversity, equality, and inclusion.

When we start work, we will communicate our complaints and disciplinary procedures to all our employees.

We provide training opportunities for all our employees for professional and personal development.

We are collecting employee feedback to improve their well-being in the workplace. We are committed to improving all our efforts to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in our facility.


Communication Policy

World Class Airport Hotel is dedicated to supporting and working with our local community.

In every service at our facility, we are committed to conducting it in a way that helps preserve and promote the destination’s culture, heritage, and local economy.

We believe that constant contact with our local community contributes to local people’s well-being and living spaces.

We aim to support initiatives that improve the local economy and society, respecting and preserving the local culture, traditions, and way of life.

To achieve our goals:

We encourage our guests to explore the destination’s history, culture, traditions, and local products and services offered together with our local community.

We guide our guests on behaving responsibly concerning local people, flora, and fauna off-site.

Whenever possible, we prefer local and regional products and services as outlined in our purchasing policy.

In the recruitment process, we provide job opportunities to the local people by preferring the person living in the local area.

Being aware of the importance of social responsibility and its leading role in society, we participate in social responsibility projects.

We are committed to improving all our work on social integration at our facility.